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Out of all the yoga instructors I’ve ever been to Joy is absolutely the very best.  She looks after each student individually and her classes are enjoyable, fun enjoyable and extremely stimulating for both the mind and the body. With yoga it’s hard to define exactly what it is that makes one feel really good, but whatever it is she has it in abundance!

Eve Guttentag
Face Value

Joyoga Studio is the place for stretching out and stretching, to ease out both the physical and emotional aches and pains.  Yoga, Interx, massage, good company and a teacher who knows her stuff.  The environment, colours, aromas and standards of hygiene are all fantastic. Thank you Joy for the opportunities you have given me to stay supple and flexible – 24 years of working with you and staying is indeed a testament.

Marianne Breschinsky

A lovely room, and a lovely class.  Thank you so much Joy for all your work, dedication and commitment to us, your students.

Crissi Cromer

Now the good news!
I woke up this morning at 7.00 almost completely recovered!  Just a dull pain and the occasional relatively mild twinge as I move.  I’m hoping it will be fully recovered by tomorrow, but if not, may give you a call to fix a further, hopefully shorter, session! Thanks again.

Andrew Reid

I just want to thank you for the beautiful lesson of today.  
It has been such a heavy day, emotional stuff and rubbish of all sorts … but working with the golden warm light has cleared all the dark clouds and all is well again. Thank you from the heart.


I have really enjoyed the class this term.  You seem to cater for all levels and I've found it challenging and fun, and I feel I am improving.  I leave the class feeling energised and taller!

Helen Chappell

Joy is a brilliant teacher: she manages to give individual encouragement and support to each member of the class according to their ability - or lack of it!’
Love Felicity


I have attended Joy’s yoga classes and workshops both at Morley College and at her house for several years with benefit and enjoyment.  I would enthusiastically recommend her as a teacher.

Edwina Epstein

Roll back the years with Joy’s yoga class.  Joy’s classes are relaxed and sometimes hilarious. Joy coaxes us through some movements which our bodies never thought they could do!!!  We come out of our sessions feeling less tired and more optimistic.  I need these sessions to give my self time to just be, and explore what my poor body can do.

Anne Morgan

This is the most interesting and varied yoga class that I have ever done and I intend to stick with it.


I’ve been to many yoga classes and never have I enjoyed one as much as this.


I organised a 'massage and beauty morning' for the ladies at my NCT tea group.   As new mothers, we all have extra strains on our backs, so the massage option proved to be very popular. We all enjoyed Joy's massages very much and came out of the room much more relaxed and refreshed and already asking when we could do it again!

Sadie Stoneham

I’ve had excellent feedback so far from those at the session, so I hope you receive good feedback too!  Personally I found it a total revelation, I’m now interested in trying to find a yoga class near to where I live.

Madeleine Rooke-Ley

Executive Assistant & HR Officer

You are doing a great job spreading yoga.
I appreciate you supporting this Indian form of self-healing.
All the best


I did enjoy my massage sessions with you. I have not had any problems since returning to NZ and getting back into my normal exercise routine.

Elizabeth Bills
New Zealand

Jill really enjoyed her session with you yesterday, thank you.  She said she slept really well.

Julie McCulloch

Had a fantastic session with you this afternoon Joy; my body is feeling much more free and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.  Sincere thanks for your obvious expertise, care and thoughtfulness for my wellbeing. Best wishes,

Julie McCulloch

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